Services Everywhere

Customers move around, and your services need to too. By supplying your services through multiple channels remove the barriers preventing customers from consuming your service from whereever they are.

It's now easier than ever before to make your services more available and more discoverable. Contact Tycho to find out how you could be targetting the customers currently out of your reach.

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Both new apps and old can be tailoured to take advantage of the facilities being offered by cloud vendors. Whether your strategy is lowering hosting costs, increasing resilience, or increasing scale out potential Tycho can help you take advantage of these.


With the ability to use components across multiple platforms, with Windows Phone 8 there is now a consistent story for code reuse across phone, tablet, desktop and server applications. Find out how to make your services available on these devices.


At work, at home, on the move, this uqibuitous technology is everywhere and consumable from all manner of devices. Use it correctly to engage your customers no matter what device they are using, where they are, or what languagge they speak.


For a premium experience with tight integration into the OS or for services not available to web applications there are either classic desktop or modern, metro style, applications. Modern apps will migrate between desktop, phone and tablet, making your services seamlessly available to all.